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Underrated Nutrient: Fiber

Most standard diets consist of only 10-15g of fiber per day. This is too low to gain from all the wonderful health benefits of dietary fiber. We should aim to increase daily dietary fiber intake to 35-50g per day, it’s important to increase it slowly and increase your daily fluid intake at the same time to prevent constipation.

On topic of fiber and all its wonderful health benefit, I wanted to share one of my favourite superfood dessert recipes. Chia seeds are high in calcium, phosphorus, omega 3, magnesium, antioxidants, and of course fiber! These tiny seeds swell up into a gelatinous substance when mixed with liquid and make for a great pudding texture dessert. You can eat this chia pudding straight up, add your favourite toppings, mix it into your parfait layers, add it to a smoothie, or your morning breakfast cereal/oatmeal.

What would you add as a topping to this chia pudding dessert?

recipe adapted from chocolatecoveredkatie website


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