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Four ways to store your Fresh Herbs

I used to buy a bunch of cilantro on a weekly basis, by the third or fourth day the leaves that had gone bad would ruin the whole bag... and I need my handful of cilantro with my egg for breakfast.

It wasn't until my bestfriend told me I should be storing it upright in a glass of water in the fridge that I was able to keep it fresh for weeks! Talk about savings, I went from spending $2-4 a week on cilantro to buying one bunch a month. This may seem small, but it was creating a lot of unnecessary food waste in my household.

Depending on how much of a herb you plan to use for your recipe, there are different ways to store fresh herbs so that you don't find yourself throwing them out before the week is up!

Method #1 - Freeze them in a Ziplock bag

Method #2 - Wrap them in moist paper towel and store in a Ziplock bag

Method #3 - Store them upright in a glass of water in the fridge

Method #4 - Store them frozen in olive oil

Small food storage hacks are a great way to reduce food waste in your home and have better buy for your dollar. Sometimes a food storage hack you know for years, can be a big help to a friend.

Share the ways you like to store your fresh herbs to teach a neighbor a new method that could make a big difference in their grocery spending.


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